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Pastor's Thoughts

The child of God finds herself or himself in a magnificent position - We are known by God, we are loved by God, we are cared for by God. That is not to say that we escape all of life’s problems because of this relationship. But it does mean that if we live for and trust in God, the really good things of life - those things that matter most, and mean most, and make for the most blessing - come to us by way of God's grace and provision. In Psalm 37, David compares the life of someone who lives in opposition to God’s ideals and without a relationship with Him, to the one who relies and depends on God for everything, and who finds their greatest pleasure in fellowship with Him. If we could only grasp the miraculous fact that the Divine Creator of the universe has His heart set on our well-being, what a much freer life we would experience. God delights in being our Heavenly Father, and He revels in giving us those really good things that can bring us inner peace, purpose beyond our place or position in the world, and contentment that contradicts the realities of human reason and rationale. "The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord; He is their stronghold in time of trouble." (Ps. 37:39)



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