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Pastor's Thoughts

The life we live can be made up of a lot of different stuff — relationships, events, activities, accomplishments, work, interests, pastimes, hobbies, goals, dreams, etc. But if we want to know what really matters in life, and what we need to make sure we experience in this life, look to Jesus. In John 17:1-5 we have Jesus' last recorded public prayer before His death, and in it He summarizes that which His life was all about, what He intends to leave with the world, and what He passionately desires. It is significant, and it is something we need know and that we would do well to emulate in our own lives. In this prayer, Jesus thinks about heaven and being with God the Father. Don’t all of us as Christians do that the farther in life that we go? It’s where our Heavenly Father is, and we want to be with Him. Jesus also in His prayer acknowledged the reality of time as it pertains to life — that eventually it has an ending, at least as it concerns being in this world. Reality Check: What really counts for the number of years we have here? Focus on those things — things spiritual, and things of love and of God. Then Jesus gave credit to the Father for His life and all that He had been able to do, and said that His desire was that His life glorify God the Father. So ought our lives to do the same. Next Jesus talked about the importance of eternal life and how He wanted those He loved to experience it with Him. If we really care about others, we would want them to have the same relationship with God that we have. In His prayer, Jesus also described the legacy He was leaving behind — one that introduced people to the love of God and brought salvation to them. For us, what better legacy could we have than that. Finally, Jesus spoke of His longing for home — heaven — from where He came and to where He was going. For Christians who understand the truth of life and forever, this same longing exists. We want to be there. This world is not our home; heaven is where we belong, and where we look forward to being forever. Let’s take a lesson from this last and very personal public prayer that Jesus shares with us. Then let’s live it out.



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