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Pastor's Thoughts

Following Jesus takes a lot of trust. By that I mean that sometimes (Alright, occasionally it feels like oftentimes) we have to believe Him without any visible or clear evidence that would prove that what He tells us is believable and that what He expects of us is do-able. That can be a tall order for us, indoctrinated as we are in the "seeing is believing" philosophy of the world. We like proof; we tend to look for proof; we feel more comfortable with proof; we are impressed by proof. But Jesus doesn’t always supply us with upfront proof, when He directs us or promises us or leads us in life. Rather, He prefers faith and trust. They show that we really believe Him - that He is able and capable to do whatever He says He can, and that when He speaks to us (either in the Bible or through circumstances or in the face of decisions), we can know without hesitation that He is right and in control, even when it doesn't seem to make sense or follow our logical way of thinking. The Christian life is a life of trusting, from beginning to end - from the moment we trust Christ for our salvation, to the moment we trust Him in eternity and meet Him face-to-face in heaven. Trust is a good thing; especially when it is placed in a sure thing...or rather, Person -- Jesus Christ. God help us to trust!

Pastor Thom



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