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Pastor's Thoughts

There's a lot in the news these days about character - or rather the obvious lack thereof. When we see the behavior, hear the words, watch the lifestyles and actions of many in our society and world, we as Christians cannot help but realize that for many people, character is a non-present quality. Or at least the character that God shows us in the Bible. The Word of God spends a great deal of time presenting the importance of character in our lives, and the need to develop such - more than any other personal attribute of life. Biblical character, in the Christlike sense, is related to wisdom; and wisdom that is real comes only from God - and it looks like Jesus Christ! At a time when there seems to be a de-emphasis on character, we need to highlight its necessity and significance, and live it out as well. Here's to character! It brought us salvation, in Christ Jesus! Today we look at Psalm 15, where we will find the answer to the questions, "O LORD, who may lodge in your tent? Who may dwell on your holy hill?"



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