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Pastor's Thoughts

"Appearances can be deceiving." An old saying, but so often true. We tend to believe and accept things in life by how our senses perceive them. It can at times be a very unreliable source of what is actually true and factual. Such was the case with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Family and friends saw him die on a cross — no question about it. They knew that his lifeless body was interred in a tomb by two male followers, and some of the women disciples even watched as they did so. No doubt about it. They also were aware that there was a huge stone rolled in front of the entrance to the tomb, and that Roman soldiers were placed there to make sure that no one disturbed it. Obviously so. But when the women came back on the third day to refresh the spices applied to the now lifeless body of Jesus, they found the stone rolled away, the body gone, and the tomb empty. Fact! The women quickly told Peter and John, who just as quickly ran to the tomb and found the same thing — empty! Again, fact! Their natural conclusion? Someone stole the body. Wrong! They had forgotten everything that Jesus had said before His death about how He would come back from the dead and live once again. He was, in fact, very much alive! Appearances can be deceiving. Sometimes in life, appearances can cause us to wonder and doubt: about where God’s help is when we are struggling; about why God doesn’t come to our rescue when we are hurting so much; about all the questions we have that God doesn’t seem to be answering; about our future and what’s going to happen us as things seem to het worse and worse. The fact of the matter is — God is present and with us all the time, even when our human senses don’t pick up on it. That’s when we need to let the Holy Spirit remind us of His grace and provision for our every need. We may not see it, or even feel it, but our Lord is with us…always! FACT!



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