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Pastor's Thoughts

Consider the birth of Jesus, from a purely human point of view — the people, the place, and the circumstances surrounding it. There was an insignificant and very young woman, married to a blue collar un-notable carpenter, who wasn’t even the father of the child in his wife’s womb, both of whom who were the subject of a community’s juicy gossip, from a nowhere little town in a backward part of the country, both having traveled together about 90 miles over a period of about a week to a backwater suburb of a large and crowded city, finally ending up in an unsanitary stable with the stench of animals and refuse, knowing no one and possessing almost nothing, having to place the newborn baby boy in a nasty feeding trough that served as a crib, his only comfort being the strips of cloth that his mother carefully and lovingly wrapped him in. Now then, let’s consider this. That baby was God Himself in the flesh, His coming to earth and physically human birth was prophesied centuries before, the entire event was supernatural in origin, it was divinely ordained and perfectly or orchestrated, nothing was left to chance, it was announced and attended by an innumerable number of the angelic army of heaven, and so moving nearby shepherds who were guarding their Temple-intended sacrificial sheep to drop everything and rush to see the child, and the birth's very happening was seen and sought by astronomers in a faraway country who travelled an incredible distance over many months of time to see and to give expensive gifts to this one-of-a-kind and obviously royal child! Now that is a fantastic event! The birth of Jesus…the advent of the Christ - one and the same. Ordinary people, an insignificant place, and less than enviable circumstances. That is how our Great God works! Our salvation was accomplished because of it! To God be the glory!



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