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Pastor's Thoughts

Jesus gives us a command to “love”. Why? Because it is important. But a command? Isn’t that kind of unnatural? I mean, isn’t love supposed to just sort of flow, naturally? Yes, and so it does when we find ourselves truly abiding in Christ. The kind of love Jesus is talking about and which He demonstrates — agape love, the love of God — comes as we experience God’s love through Christ in us…it flows. But the stark reality of life is that, even as Christians, we find ourselves dealing with that old nature of selfishness, hesitation, and distrust. And that old nature wants to restrict the divine flow of God’s love to others. We must not let it. We must work hard to put self out of the way, and let the love of Christ flow through and from us to those who need it and will accept it. And so, we have Jesus’ command…”Love!” It is important! Do it! Do it right, and do it the way God does toward us. He loves us enough to be patient, to forgive us, to encourage us, and to work with us to become all that He knows we can be in Him. But at the same time He loves us enough to correct us when we need it, to confront us when we are dangerously wrong, and to discipline us when we need to learn a lesson about the horrible consequences of sin. That, too, is love. All of this God does for us, because He loves us. We should do the same. Jesus commands: "Love!"



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