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Pastor's Thoughts

If our salvation were based upon our absolute obedience to God and perfect performance of His will, we would all be hopelessly lost. And if our eternal destination were dependent upon our flawless faithfulness to Christ and consistent reflection of Him to the world around us, we would all be destined to hell forever. Enter grace, and restoration! Mind you, there is no legitimate excuse for failing God in our life and witness. Jesus has shown us the way to sinlessness and sanctified living. But though we may grow and succeed along that way in our spiritual journey, we still have those inexcusable occasions of abject neglect and failure in such. What does He do with us when this happens? He comes to us, picks us up, puts us back on our spiritual feet, and restores us to a place of underserved love and honor, and purpose. We all fail in our following of Jesus on occasion. And while there is no justification for this, Our Lord nonetheless redeems us in grace and restores us to the place He purchased for us by His sacrifice on the cross. Then what? Then He says to us, ”Don’t worry. Let’s get going. We have lots to do.” What a Savior!



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