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Pastor's Thoughts

What a wonderful Savior we have! He left His perfect place in heaven to come down here to be with us, and to save us from the ravages and eternal curse of sin. He lived among us and loved us selflessly. He paid the price for that love with His own life, thoughtless of His own well-being. He showed us what real strength is all about, not by bullying or pressuring or shaming us, but by serving us in spite of our inconsiderate attitude toward Him. He gave us the opportunity to get in touch with the Heavenly Father in a personal way - Creator to created, divine to human, perfect to imperfect. He showed us how to balance life in the right way, while living in a world that is out of tune with God and hostile to all things righteous and holy. And He taught us that true blessing comes from living out the Father's perfect will for our lives. What a precious Savior is our Lord Jesus Christ! And He did it all...for us. Thank you, Lord!



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