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Pastor's Thoughts

The crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ has a lot that it can teach us about the unfairnesses of life — in particular those things that happen to us that are not due to foolishness or sin on our parts, but rather are either a reality of life in a fallen world, or are due to our following Jesus and living life God’s way. Whichever, they are problematic, painful, and put us in a bind. What is there to do when we have done all we can do, and still these problems persist? Do what Jesus did. First, we have to persevere. Don’t quit, even though all we want to do is throw up our hands and run away. Let the example of Jesus in His suffering motivate us, and the power of His sacrifice empower us to keep on going and trusting God the Father. Second, give it all to God. Don’t hold on to anything — fear, anxiety, anger, bitterness, doubt, self-ability, pride…turn it over to the Almighty Heavenly Father, who loves us intensely. (”Casing all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7) Third, take heart in the fact that God is ultimately and completely in control of your situation. He is totally aware of everything that is happening, and He is greater than it all. After all, He is God! And we are His!



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